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Do Flamingos Have Webbed Feet?
Photo by BildagenturZoonarGmbH/ Flamingos are famous for their pink coloring, curved beaks, and overall elegance. They’re often seen wading in shallow waters, showing the above-water world what they look like from the legs up. You’re less likely to catch a...
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Where Are Flamingos on the Food Chain?
Photo by ArCaLu/ You look at a flamingo and see a friend. A brine shrimp looks at a flamingo and sees its life flash before its eyes. A crocodile looks at a flamingo and sees its next meal. Where you...
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The How & Why of White Flamingos
White Greater Flamingos - Photo by RK_Balaji/ Flamingos are famously known for their pink coloring - it’s the top thing the fabulous fowl is known for. But if you’ve seen enough flamingos, either in person or in photos, there’s a chance...
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