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70-Year-Old Flamingo Lays First Egg
Photo by KhairilAzharJunos/ At the ripe age of 70, a greater flamingo in English captivity laid her first egg. Gertrude, one member of a 60-plus flamingo flamboyance at Pensthorpe Nature Preserve in Norfolk, England, achieved the life milestone last month....
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How You Can Help Conserve Flamingos
Photo by jdross75/ Climate change is upon us, and billions of lifeforms across planet earth are and will continue to be affected. Flamingos are not immune to these unstable conditions, and as a fan of the fabulous fowl, you might wonder...
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Why Don't Flamingos Fly at the Zoo?
Photo by MikeCahill/ If you’ve ever seen a flamingo live and in color, it was probably at a zoo. And while observing these fabulous fowls at the zoo, you almost certainly never saw them lift off the earth. This is because...
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