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What Is Flamingo Friday?
Photo by OndrejProsicky/ Think of Friday’s connotations: wrapping up, relaxation, unwinding, and freedom. In some neighborhoods across America, Friday means all of those things, plus flamingos. Flamingo Friday is a tradition that’s been adopted in pockets throughout the country. Every...
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7 Fascinating Flamingo Feather Facts
Photo by jurra8/ Flamingos would be nothing without their feathers, an always seen but often overlooked part of what makes this bird tick. A flamingo’s feathers are integral to what it does and how it operates on a daily basis,...
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This Is the History of National Pink Flamingo Day
Photo by glenrichardphoto/ On Friday, the country will celebrate National Pink Flamingo Day, the annual date when the plastic lawn piece known to populate yards across America is honored. Flamingo lovers know a thing or two about the fabulous fowl, but...
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