Celebrate National Pink Flamingo Day With Us!

June 23 is a special day for flamingo fans across the country: it marks the annual 24 hours designated as National Pink Flamingo Day.

In 2007, Leominster, Massachusetts, Mayor Dean Mazzarella decreed the inauguration of National Pink Flamingo Day. It was in homage to the plastic lawn decorations modeled after the bird that have been a cornerstone of American culture for decades. The flamingo emulators were designed by Don Featherstone while he worked for Union Products in Leominster in 1957, then produced at the town’s factory for another 49 years.

Every year since, Leominster has held a celebration to commemorate the bird itself and its lawn equivalent. This year, it’s on June 28 - it’s not the exact day, but you could do worse than celebrating flamingos twice in one week!

Others around America approach National Pink Flamingo Day in their own ways, and the nation as a whole will acknowledge the bird on June 23. At The Popular Flamingo, we are using it as a chance to spread some flamingo fun.

Sitewide Sale Celebrates National Pink Flamingo Day!

Everything on The Popular Flamingo is on sale for National Pink Flamingo Day. There is not a product in the shop we haven’t marked down. Go ahead, take a look around - I promise, I’m not lying.

Our Classic Flamingo Gloves, a winter staple among our biggest fans, are 47% off. Our Flamingo Home Slippers, a personal favorite of mine, are 33% off. Our Flamingo Wind Chime, which has quickly become one of our best summer sellers, is also 33% off.

Flamingos and icebergs don’t mix, so let’s say that’s just the tip of the tropical island. We aren’t kidding about giving back to the flamingo fans who make this site great and this community even greater. 

Unfortunately, we can’t run this sale forever - it will end on Monday, June 24. Shop now for all of your favorite flamingo goodies at discounted deals while they last!

Our Hottest Products Right Now

Fans have loved our Flamingo Touch Desk Lamp for many months, and that hasn’t stopped yet. With a simple on-off touch feature, a convenient pocket to rest a cell phone, portability, and excellent lighting for a desk or small table, it’s no mystery why.

As part of our National Pink Flamingo Day celebration, our customers can enjoy 33% off of their Flamingo Touch Desk Lamp, slashing the price down to just $24.79!

The Sterling Silver Designer Flamingo Ring hasn’t been on our proverbial shelves for long, but flamingos fans took a quick liking to it! Its unique, chic style lends itself easy to the eye, and its shimmer and shine draw you right in.

We are offering this special ring for 50% off through June 24. For just $44.99, the fabulous fowl can come along with you on every journey!

What better way to start the day than with flamingos? According to our fans, there isn’t one. That’s why our Flamingo Mugs have climbed the ranks as one of our customers’ most common purchases. Every cup of coffee or tea has an extra dose of flamingo in it now!

To help our fans relish this glorious holiday, we have dropped the cost of our Flamingo Mugs by more than one-fourth - 28%, to be exact. Until the end of the sale, our flamingo-inspired ceramic creations will be only $16.25 each.

flamingo tea coffee mugs cups


You might not be able to tell, but we’re pretty excited about what’s going on at The Popular Flamingo this National Pink Flamingo Day! We’re happy to help you celebrate savings and the fabulous fowl in the 2024 edition of this one-of-a-kind holiday.