5 Best Flamingo Videos for Fun and Wonder

Best Flamingo Videos
Photo by BarsRsind/Shutterstock.com

We all love flamingos, and a big reason why is their real elegance and grace. There’s nothing like seeing a flamingo in person, but that can be tough to achieve, especially if you don’t live in one of the select areas of the world where they thrive or close to a zoo hosting these beautiful birds. So, here are some of the best flamingo videos we could find to help hold you over until the next time you’re able to see these majestic creatures in person.

Best Flamingo Videos

Flamingos Hit the Dance Floor

National Geographic highlighted the wildlife of Argentina with its “Wild Argentina” show, and you can’t showcase the grandeur of the country’s nature without presenting the wonder of the flamingos that call it home. Greater Flamingos, one of six flamingo species, can be found in Argentina, and this clip features one of the many wonderful oddities flamingos provide the world: their mesmerizing dance moves.

In this video, you’ll see a group of flamingos “dancing” together in Argentina’s Laguna Brava, part of the animal’s ritual for finding a partner. Moving in unison, the male flamingos form a pack and prance around, turning their heads and necks from side to side to lure female flamingos in. If a female likes the moves on display, then she will mate with the male for life, so there’s a lot riding on this performance.

Can you imagine having to dance with that much pressure on your shoulders? That music better be catchy…

Flamingos Dance to Michael Jackson

If the last video was a bit too official and proper for you, then this one might be more your speed.

Michael Jackson created a catchy tune or two in his day. I had no idea flamingos were such big Michael fans, but apparently not even our pink friends can stop themselves from moonwalking from time to time.

Flamingos Feeding Underwater

Flamingos are a very unusual animal, so it makes sense that they’d have an unusual way of eating. Their long necks and curved beaks are designed to allow them to dip their heads underwater and filter through the mud and other inedible objects to collect the tasty morsels that live below the surface.

The San Diego Zoo, which has one of the best flamingo exhibits in the world, used underwater cameras to film their flamingos eating from an angle humans wouldn’t otherwise get above the water. If you find this bird and how it functions to be fascinating, then this video will have you captivated.

Flying with Flamingos

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly with flamingos? Wonder no more!

In this breathtaking video, Mehmet Hanay uses a drone to record hundreds of flamingos in Turkey floating atop a lagoon and flying through the skies above the water. The drone hovers at the same height as the flamingos in the air, offering an interesting and unique perspective of the birds’ flight. Add in some epic background music, and you’re got one of the best flamingo videos around.

Flamingos at Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria in Kenya is a favorite spot for flamingos to travel to in massive numbers, feeding on the nutrient-full waters and hanging out on the nearby banks the lake provides. This video includes almost 10 minutes of drone footage of Lake Bogoria when it is hosting thousands upon thousands of flamingos, and it’s truly a sight to behold. The drone is able to capture unbelievable angles that show just how big the flamingo numbers at the lake are.

If you want to spend several minutes watching thousands of flamingos do their thing in their natural habitat with some calming music in the background, then this is one of the best flamingo videos you could find.