5 Reasons Why Flamingos Make the Perfect Summer Mascot

Photo by NataliaBarsukova/Shutterstock.com

Flamingos are special creatures. They’re unique, they’re adorable, and they’re just plain irresistible. Everything about these birds screams majesty and beauty, and it’s part of what makes flamingos the perfect summer mascot!

There are probably more than five reasons why flamingos make for an excellent summer mascot, but I am only one person, and I have other obligations and responsibilities to fulfill beyond writing out why the fabulous fowl and the warmest months of the year go hand-in-hand. So, we’ll stick to five for the time being. Please explain any other reasons we’ve missed on our Facebook page!

5 Reasons Why Flamingos Make the Perfect Summer Mascot

1: They’re Tropical

Let’s be clear: not all flamingos are tropical. Some live thousands of miles above sea level in the Andes, and there’s not much tropical about that.

However, many flamingos do live in tropical environments, and when we humans think of the fabulous fowl, palm trees and sandy beaches are the setting we’re most likely to imagine. And when you associate something with palm trees and sandy beaches, that thing will also align pretty well with summer.

Photo by NataliaBarsukova/Shutterstock.com

Flamingos and the tropics are one in the same, even if not all flamingos live in such conditions. There’s just something about standing barefoot on sand in front of water with a bathing suit and straw summer hat on that feels like there should be a flamingo standing right next to you, which is how you know flamingos are the perfect summer mascot!

2: Their Pinkness

Summer is a time to cut loose, to have fun, and to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Pink is one of the lightest, funnest, most compelling colors available to us, and it’s the sort of color you’re most likely to see between May and September. How convenient for flamingos to color themselves with it!

Flamingos are not naturally pink, but that’s okay, because neither are we. Sure, it’s not exactly the same - flamingos become pink from their diet, while we just put on a fun shirt that displays to everyone around us that, at least on that day, we are pink. But that pinkness goes perfectly together with the idea of summer that we all conjure in our heads, and it elevates the beautiful bird into the ultimate summer fowl.

Photo by OHishiapply/Shutterstock.com

3: Everybody Likes Flamingos

Who doesn’t like flamingos? I mean, seriously. I know that not everyone is obsessed with the fabulous fowl, but have you ever met someone who actively dislikes flamingos? No, you haven’t, and you never will.

Similarly, you’ve never met someone who actively dislikes summer. Maybe another season is their favorite, but summer is at the bottom of nobody’s list.

Summer and flamingos are two things that everyone can agree on. It helps make them the perfect match.

4: Lawn Decoration

Don Featherstone started a phenomenon that swept America: plastic pink flamingos. He created these lawn decorations in 1957, and flamingos were everywhere in the 1970s, in large part thanks to Featherstone’s creation.

Plastic pink lawn flamingos are still quite popular, especially in certain parts of the United States. They’re a summer staple for millions of Americans, necessary for their front and backyards to be properly prepared for the hottest time of the year. This only adds to the aura of the summer flamingo!

Photo by Barb Elkin/Shutterstock.com

5: Flamingos Look Great in Designs

A huge reason why flamingos are the perfect summer mascot is because of how aesthetically pleasing their designs are on clothing, accessories, and other products.

flamingo summer

The classic flamingo pose is one of the most famous animal silhouettes in the world. Everyone immediately knows what it is, and its straightforward yet nuanced look is why it has become such a craze to include.

flamingo summer

If you put a couple flamingos on something, odds are, it’s going to look good. They’re beautiful animals that have an indescribable aura that simply pulls you in. Flamingos draw the eye, and we all know that many millions of people are constantly trying to bring as much attention to themselves as possible, especially in the summer. Come on, does this not scream summer in every possible way?