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Where Are Flamingos on the Food Chain?
Photo by ArCaLu/ You look at a flamingo and see a friend. A brine shrimp looks at a flamingo and sees its life flash before its eyes. A crocodile looks at a flamingo and sees its next meal. Where you...
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The TPA Flamingo Has Its Name!
2022 Flamingo Fanatics Fling Event at TPA In late 2022, Tampa International Airport announced it would hold a naming competition for its colossal flamingo sculpture, with the winner receiving a lot more than just bragging rights. After a final round with...
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What Color Is Flamingo Blood?
Photo by KendalSwart/ Flamingos are intrinsically linked to the color pink. It’s difficult to believe these beautiful birds include any other color in their lives. But nature has a funny way of not caring about our manufactured sensibilities. How deep...
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