Where Can You Find Flamingos in the United States?

Where Can You Find Flamingos in the United States
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Flamingos are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, but there are only so many places on earth where they can be found. The United States is one of those places, but you won’t see flamingos walking around just anywhere.

In fact, you won’t see a flamingo in most of the United States. The country doesn’t have a ton of areas that have the habitats the various species of flamingos enjoy. However, there are spots where you can find them in the wild, and there are plenty of places that offer opportunities to spend time with your favorite fowl!

Where Can You Find Flamingos in the United States?

In the Wild

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When it comes to seeing flamingos in the wild in the US, it’s tough to beat Everglades National Park. If you know anything about flamingos, it probably won’t be a surprise to you to learn that one of the top spots to see these wonderful birds is in the state of Florida. This national park in the southern portion of the state has become known as the main home for flamingos within the country’s borders. At Everglades, there is a decent chance you will come across a Greater Flamingo, one of the six species of flamingos and the one that is native to Florida.

You could also see a flamingo elsewhere in South Florida. The Dry Tortugas, a lesser known national park also located in South Florida, has had many flamingo sightings, including some American Flamingos, another species of the bird.

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In general, if you want to see flamingos in the wild in the United States, the southern edge of Florida should be the top spot on your list. But there have also been flamingos found elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, like along the Texas coastline. This isn’t all that common, though, as flamingos generally prefer it warmer and more tropical than can be found in Texas and most of the American portion of the Gulf Coast.


In Captivity

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There are way more options in the United States for seeing flamingos in captivity than in the wild.

As you probably guessed, the zoo is a good first place to look. Lots of zoos across the United States have flamingo exhibits, and there’s a realistic chance that the zoo closest to you offers an opportunity to see one of these incredible creatures. If you’re willing to travel further to capture a glimpse of a flamingo, then some of the top zoos for you to visit are the San Diego Zoo, Zoo Miami, the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium (Omaha, Nebraska) and the Fort Worth Zoo. Each of these zoos have unique flamingo displays, that range from a crossing pathway that puts you ground-level with these unforgettable birds in Fort Worth to a truly outstanding habitat and experience in San Diego, which is one of the world’s most renowned zoos.

But you don’t have to go to the zoo to see flamingos. There are other places, like Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Bay Lake, Florida, and Busch Gardens Tampa, that aren’t strictly zoos but have awesome flamingo exhibits available for park-goers, and the experiences they can offer could satisfy a flamingo lover eager to see their favorite animal.

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Additionally, there are other places, like Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida, and the Sarasota Jungle Gardens in Sarasota, Florida, where you can have more personal interactions with flamingos. At the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, you can even pet and feed flamingos, which any fan of these magnificent birds would never forget.

Head to Florida

As we’ve learned, there are plenty of spots across the United States where you can find flamingos. Odds are, you can head to the zoo closest to you and see some of these gracious birds. But if you want to go to the one place where you’re most likely to see flamingos in the wild or in captivity, Florida is the answer, and the further south you go, the more likely you are to cross paths with one of these pink beauties.



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