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Flamingos Can Lose Their Pink Color!
Photo by JeffMcGraw/ Flamingos are synonymous with the color pink. Though they don’t hatch with the pink pigment, their diet influences their tint and turns them some variation of the vibrant shade after a few years after hatching. So, if...
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The How & Why of White Flamingos
White Greater Flamingos - Photo by RK_Balaji/ Flamingos are famously known for their pink coloring - it’s the top thing the fabulous fowl is known for. But if you’ve seen enough flamingos, either in person or in photos, there’s a chance...
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Why Are Flamingos Pink?
Photo by AnmolWahi/ There are plenty of remarkable things about flamingos, but little is as famous as the bird’s pink coloring. It’s unusual to see a pink animal on planet earth, and that’s one of the many reasons flamingo fans love...
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