These Classic Flamingo Gloves Are Winter Saviors!

It’s almost that time of year again - if you live far enough north of the Equator, then the temperature in your neck of the woods will be dropping soon, and the layers will begin to pile on. And when it gets cold enough, you need gloves to make sure your most vulnerable body parts don’t get too frigid. That’s where these Classic Flamingo Gloves can come in.

Classic Flamingo Gloves: The Winter Saviors

Made from spandex material with a suede fabric touch, these gloves are intended to help you manage through some cold temperatures while also celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of our beloved flamingo.

Each glove has a gorgeous flamingo design near the wrist that emanates beauty and majesty, just like our favorite fowl, that helps elevate these gloves beyond simply practical. And with several color options available to you - pink, purple, black, brown, and gray - you can customize your look to match with your wardrobe and attitude.

But style isn’t all these Classic Flamingo Gloves have to offer. Remember that practicality aspect I mentioned earlier? Not only are these fabulous fashion pieces, but they’re built for warmth and comfort. You already know about what makes them so soft, but with a wrist cuff made of elastic that form-fits to your wrist, the warmth your hands and fingers generate will be trapped snuggly inside the glove, allowing you to make the most of your natural body heat. With a thick ring of fur surrounding the wrist cuff, that heat will be stuck in there with your hand and fingers, and you’ll be simultaneously stylish.

An additional feature of these Classic Flamingo Gloves is that the index finger of the glove is designed to make it easier to use your phone while still wearing the glove. That means that unlike most gloves on the market, you might not have to bring your bare hand out into the elements to send that quick text or answer an important call. Keep those fingers nice and warm, baby!

The Popular Flamingo is so excited about these Classic Flamingo Gloves that we’ve slashed the price of these gloves by 33 percent! Previously $29.99, these remarkable winter saviors are now just $19.99! 

But there’s more. Flamingo fans have been responding so well to these gloves that we thought the community deserved even more savings, so we’ve come up with a special offer: the more you buy, the more you save! If you purchase two pairs of these wonderful gloves, you’ll get $5 off your purchase, knocking the price of one pair down from $19.99 to $17.49. The savings climb even higher with every extra pair you buy, with $10 off when you select three pairs and $20 off the final price when you choose to order four or more. It’s warmth for the whole family!

These Classic Flamingo Gloves offer style, fashion, heat, and an incredible way to honor the fabulous flamingo. Don’t let this winter be a cold one - let these glamorous gloves grant you with all the warmth your fingers need and then some!