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Do Flamingos Live in Florida?
Photo by DimaZel/ Flamingos need a tropical climate and plenty of saltwater to roam, feed, and congregate in. The United States has a handful of varying climates within its borders, but most of it isn’t tropical and home to plenty of...
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How Conchy the Flamingo Made History
Photo by MichaelZysman/ Conchy the flamingo is no ordinary fowl. It’s not unusual for the Navy Air Station Key West at Boca Chica Field in Florida to have to deal with large birds meandering into its airfield. These fowls present...
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Where to See Flamingos Near the U.S.
Renaissance Island, Aruba - Photo by fokkebaarssen/ You love flamingos, and you’ve probably dreamed of being around the beautiful birds in the wild while they’re in their natural habitats. If you’re in the United States, your nearby options are limited....
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