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Why Birds Stand On One Leg
Photo by Tokunaga226/ Close your eyes and imagine a flamingo. What are you visualizing? If it wasn’t the beautiful bird, with one leg planted and the other hoisted, then you’re wrong. Just kidding. You aren’t wrong if you pictured a flamingo...
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Do Flamingos Sleep Standing Up?
Photo by SergeGoujon/ Flamingos are peculiar creatures. They’re bright pink, they drink boiling water, they’re found on beaches and high in the mountains - they have their quirks. But one of the most foreign things about the fabulous fowl to...
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Why Do Flamingos Stand on One Leg?
Photo by OndrejProsicky/ Flamingos are notorious for a lot, from their pink coloring to how they move in large groups and more. One of the things they’re known best for, though, is standing on one leg. It’s a curious thing...
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