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Where Are Flamingos on the Food Chain?
Photo by ArCaLu/ You look at a flamingo and see a friend. A brine shrimp looks at a flamingo and sees its life flash before its eyes. A crocodile looks at a flamingo and sees its next meal. Where you...
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Do Flamingos Have Predators?
Photo by AndrewMolinaro/ The Popular Flamingo has looked into what comes below flamingos on the food chain - if you’re insect larvae living in flamingo waters, you better watch yourself. But what about the other side of the food chain?...
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How Long Do Flamingos Live?
Photo by Pagina/ Flamingos are one of the most graceful and fascinating creatures in the whole of the animal kingdom, and they live rich, full lives caring for their young, hanging out with their fellow flamingos, and generally just doing...
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