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Is Flamingo Poop Pink?
Photo by winfinity/ Flamingos and pink go together like Jim and Pam and green eggs and ham, but are flamingos so pink that even their poop is pink? The fabulous fowls are associated with pink because of the beta carotene...
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Are There Flamingos on the Galapagos Islands?
Photo by SmileFight/ The Galapagos Islands present some of the most fantastic nature anywhere on the planet, and they’re also home to some of the most beautiful flamingos in the world. Located in the Pacific Ocean about 600 miles west...
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The How & Why of White Flamingos
White Greater Flamingos - Photo by RK_Balaji/ Flamingos are famously known for their pink coloring - it’s the top thing the fabulous fowl is known for. But if you’ve seen enough flamingos, either in person or in photos, there’s a chance...
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