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When Do Flamingos Learn to Fly?
Photo by SebastienBurel/ Human babies aren’t born with the ability to walk, and flamingo chicks aren’t hatched with the ability to fly. It takes human babies a few months to first learn how to walk. How long does it take...
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Do Flamingos Migrate?
Photo by YanLev/ You probably only imagine flamingos hanging out in a warm lagoon with their fellow bird buddies, surrounded by palm trees and coconuts. But it’s common for birds to migrate during the breeding season - are flamingos one...
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Can Flamingos Fly?
Photo by MartinMecnarowski/ When you think of birds, one of the first things you think of is flight. But not all birds fly, and it’s usually the larger ones that remain rooted to the ground. So, can flamingos fly? Can...
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