Defeat Darkness with this Flamingo Lamp!

flamingo lamp

Turn your desk into a tropical paradise with this Flamingo Touch Desk Lamp!

This one-of-a-kind piece of flamingo merch takes only one touch to illuminate your work space, kitchen counter, patio, or anywhere else that needs a little bit of flamingo flare! You can set the right mood in any room with this unique flamingo memorabilia.

Defeat Darkness with this Flamingo Lamp!

flamingo night light for bedroom

There is so much to be excited about with this flamingo lamp! First, its practical side: using a USB charging port, this lamp can be plugged into any USB port or outlet with the help of a block and provide light wherever needed. It can also charge while plugged in, then be taken to anywhere around your home to offer you companionship and glow wherever you go! Standing at 14.9 inches (38cm) tall and with a base that’s 7.8x3.7 inches (20x9.4cm), turning this flamingo lamp into a portable light source is incredibly simple. Each lamp also includes a set of lithium-ion batteries and LED bulbs (5V, 0-5W) to make instant installation that much easier.

Don’t want any chance of your lamp wasting its charged-up power? A simple on-off switch located on the back of this flamingo product allows you to turn the lamp off completely so that nothing can light it up. That way, when you know you’re done with its light for the time being, you can securely ensure that not even your curious cat brushing up against the lamp can accidentally wake you up with some unnecessary light!

But it gets even better! Each one of these flamingo lamps is built with a curved bump right above the one-touch illumination button on the front of its base, designed to serve a cell phone stand so you can easily view your phone’s screen hands free. Now you can set up any video, show, movie, article, or more on your phone, prop it up on your lamp, add a little bit of light to the setup, and enjoy with your hands free to rest or do whatever else you want.

Now for the aesthetics of this classic flamingo product. Designed to emulate the fabulous fowl we all know and love, this lamp’s body is a flamingo’s body, fit with the lovely pink color, adorable wings, unmistakable one-legged stance, and the long neck of the beautiful bird. The light fixture comes from below the flamingo’s head, and the adjustable neck means you can point your flamingo’s beak in any direction you desire, offering a customizable experience and even more versatility!

This lamp is decorated with the delicate details of the fabulous flamingo and flaunts its fashionable features to the fullest! The Popular Flamingo is proud to offer the flamingo fan community with this wonderful piece of flamingo merch that we know will be a practical and useful help for you, not to mention an outstanding reminder of this unbelievable bird we all feel the same passion for. 

flamingo office lamp

 So, if you, your family, and/or friends need some help with simple and flexible lighting for work, studying, reading, leisure and more and have a love for this majestic creature, you won’t find a better option than this flamingo lamp!