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7 Beautiful Pink Birds From Across the World
Photo by Shevi/ Flamingos and pink are like firetrucks and red; when you think flamingos, you think pink. But flamingos aren’t the only fowls on the prowl that entertain onlookers with a pretty pink hue. There are many other pink birds...
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Celebrate National Pink Flamingo Day With Us!
June 23 is a special day for flamingo fans across the country: it marks the annual 24 hours designated as National Pink Flamingo Day. In 2007, Leominster, Massachusetts, Mayor Dean Mazzarella decreed the inauguration of National Pink Flamingo Day. It...
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The Story of Pink Floyd, the Great Salt Lake Flamingo
Photo by DarioCastro/ Flamingos are considered tropical creatures that hang out on sunny, sandy beaches. But one flamingo, affectionately known as Pink Floyd, chose a different path. In 1988, Pink Floyd - though he wasn’t called such at the time -...
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