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You Could Find Flamingos on These Beaches
Flamingo Beach, Aruba - Photo by fokkebaarssen/ Flamingos are usually a tropical bird. For the most part, they love water, warm weather, and plenty of mud to stomp around in. Naturally, the beach is a wonderful place for a flamingo...
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How Long Have Flamingos Existed?
Photo by Marten_House/ Homo sapiens evolved to the modern form you experience every day in your life about 300,000 years ago. For as dominant as we’ve become on this planet, humans aren’t very old considering the earth itself is estimated to...
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Do Flamingos Have Webbed Feet?
Photo by BildagenturZoonarGmbH/ Flamingos are famous for their pink coloring, curved beaks, and overall elegance. They’re often seen wading in shallow waters, showing the above-water world what they look like from the legs up. You’re less likely to catch a...
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