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Why Birds Stand On One Leg
Photo by Tokunaga226/ Close your eyes and imagine a flamingo. What are you visualizing? If it wasn’t the beautiful bird, with one leg planted and the other hoisted, then you’re wrong. Just kidding. You aren’t wrong if you pictured a flamingo...
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How Do Flamingos Sit Down?
Photo by KendalSwart/ The one-legged stance is one of the main things flamingos are known for. This unique characteristic is indelible to the animal. It makes no sense to us humans, who find supporting ourselves with one stem to be...
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facts about flamingos
Flamingos are one of the most entrancing and interesting pieces of life on this planet. Known for its pink plumage, one-legged pose, and a preference for the tropical, the fabulous fowl is a popular animal among Americans and beyond. Those...
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