This Is the Most Popular Flamingo Ring Right Now

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At The Popular Flamingo, we’re constantly curating and creating new products for fans of the fabulous fowl. When we discovered what became our latest flamingo ring, we had a hunch that the flamingo community would embrace it. Turns out, our gut was more than right!


flamingo gold ring


The Sterling Silver Designer Flamingo Ring is the most recent addition to our extensive ring collection, but it is different from every other finger accessory we have featured on The Popular Flamingo. A style statement, its panache has made it the hottest flamingo ring right now.

There is one true secret that makes this piece so special: the ring’s band doesn’t fully close. What does this mean? This unexpected twist means you have something to say without speaking at all. You can be in a packed room and still be the loudest. This futuristic take on jewelry is an acknowledgement of where you’ve been, where you’re going, and of course, the fabulous fowl!


flamingo 14k gold ring


Though its aesthetics are powerful, this unique, open-ended design provides even more. Unlike closed rings, this one can fit a wider range of sizes. This is great for long-term use. It’s also tremendously helpful in the short-term, too. 

Let me explain: heat expands, cold contracts. This is a natural law that we understand. Your body behaves by it, too. In the summer or when you’re otherwise exposed to heat, your blood vessels grow, the blood flows faster, you feel warmer, and parts of your body can swell. Fingers are a main victim of this conundrum, and it can complicate wearing a ring. There are also a number of other reasons why your fingers may swell.

But not anymore with the structure of the Sterling Silver Designer Flamingo Ring! Now, when you spend time outdoors in July or take a long walk, your finger won’t turn purple from the lack of blood, and if you ever want to remove your ring, you can with ease.

The size we offer is 8, but because of how this ring is designed, fingers that prefer a size 7 or size 9 will still be comfortable. Add in the measly 4.5-gram weight, and this flamingo ring is perfect for everyday wear!

It’s versatile, too. Sleek and simple, this ring can run in professional settings. Borrowing from the beauty of flamingos, it emulates their notoriously elegant and soft features. Available in classic gold or silver, you can effortlessly match with your favorite formal attire and further your fit.


flamingo ring


Yet, it isn’t too much. The ring suits informal situations, too. Whether on a casual night out, a little stroll, or running errands, this flamingo ring will meet the mood and be your loyal companion until the end.

Be sure to check out the Sterling Silver Designer Flamingo Ring and get acquainted with the latest inclusion to your jewelry collection!