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Flamingo Gains Steam as New Florida State Bird
Since 1927, the northern mockingbird has served as the state bird of Florida. But lawmakers in the Sunshine State have put into motion multiple bills that would designate the flamingo as Florida’s most popular bird.  On Dec. 6, Rep. Jim...
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Where Is the World's Biggest Flamingo Population?
Photo by KirillDorofeev/ Flamingos can be found on multiple continents, in several counties, and in different biomes across the globe. But where is the biggest flamingo population? The great heights of the Andes, the lagoons of East Africa, and the...
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Are There Flamingos on the Galapagos Islands?
Photo by SmileFight/ The Galapagos Islands present some of the most fantastic nature anywhere on the planet, and they’re also home to some of the most beautiful flamingos in the world. Located in the Pacific Ocean about 600 miles west...
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