Check Out This 14-Minute Crash Course Video on Flamingos

Photo by Coffeemill/

Flamingos can be found on five of the world’s seven continents and possess some highly-unusual characteristics that make them one of the most unique creatures in the animal kingdom. Pretty awesome, right?

Flamingos use crop milk to feed their young (yes, even though they’re not mammals, flamingos produce milk to nourish their offspring), flamingo chicks form groups called creches once they’re strong enough to leave the nest because there is safety in numbers, and these fabulous fowls are notorious for standing on just one of their two legs. This is a mere snapshot of the absurdity, complexity, and beauty these birds boast.

A YouTube video posted in November takes you on a 14-minute crash course video of some of the most interesting and exclusive features only our flamingo friends can claim. The channel, BioArk, puts together comprehensive videos explaining animals, animal facts, and biology, and its rundown of our favorite animal is a treasure trove of information for those itching for more knowledge about flamingos.

It’s not a dry, boring lecture, either. Prepare yourself for some jokes, some tangents, and an obvious knack for not taking life too seriously. But there’s still tons and tons of great information in this video, and if you want to learn things about flamingos you never even considered to ask, I recommend you give this video a watch.

The video does go a bit off topic at a point – a sidebar about infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar importing exotic animals onto his estate when he was alive leads to the narrator explaining how the descendants of his “cocaine hippos” are currently causing issues in the South American country. But don’t worry, it doesn’t take long for the narrator to get back to flamingos, specifically the small plastic version of the bird you can find decorating lawns across America. Besides, more knowledge about interesting things can only be a good thing.

You can stay up-to-date with The Popular Flamingo’s regular articles that are aimed at spreading information and awareness about the fabulous fowl whom we all love and cherish. However, if you want to get a glimpse into some of the wacky aspects of the flamingo world, this video should help do the trick.