How to Create the Ultimate Flamingo Charcuterie Board

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This summer, take any party to the tropics with the ultimate flamingo charcuterie board spread!

Charcuterie boards are a staple of the modern party. Snacks are core to the contemporary American celebration. If your grazing board game is lame, patrons will notice. It’s critical to get this one right. 

For flamingo fanatics, designing their charcuterie board around the fabulous fowl is a no-brainer. But even for those less obsessed with the beautiful bird, flamingos make for the perfect party presentation: they’re associated with good weather, good times, and grace. After all, can there ever really be too much pink?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to solve this puzzle alone. We’ve put together the ultimate flamingo charcuterie board for your next party. All that’s left is to assemble and prepare. 

The Seven Steps to the Ultimate Flamingo Charcuterie Board

Flamingo-Shaped Watermelon

Start by slicing your watermelon into large, round slices, roughly 1-inch thick. Using a small glass as a guide for the round edge, use a sharp knife to cut halfway around the circle of the glass, then straight out from both ends of the circle to get that raindrop shape for the flamingo feather.


For the neck, cut an S-shape with a small circle on one end for the fabulous fowl’s head. For the legs, use the remaining scraps from your watermelon to cut thin sticks. You can even cut one in half to cross over the other to have the flamingo standing in its famous pose!

Pineapple Tidbits

Fly your watermelon flamingos to new heights by adding a pineapple beak! Carve your fresh pineapple into rings, then slice them into small, triangular tidbits to use as the flamingo’s beak.

Another way to utilize the pineapple tidbits while sticking to island time is combining them with grapes and toothpicks to make flowers. Puncture two toothpicks through your grape, crossing each other inside the middle of the fruit to create an X, then spear tidbits on the ends to create a fabulous flower!

Pineapple Decorated Madeleine Cookies

The delicate flavor and airy texture of madeline cookies pair perfectly with the inevitable fruit juice that will cover your plate from your watermelon flamingos. Whether you make your own or you make a run to your local grocery store to grab a box, turning them into the cutest pineapples is a piece of cake. Literally!



Taking inspiration from these pineapple doughnuts, melt some white chocolate, then dye half of it pale yellow and half of it green. Dip the front half of your madeleine cookies into the yellow chocolate and let the chocolate set. 

While that is happening, you can either use a spoon or a piping bag to create some pineapple toppers out of the green chocolate. Work on a piece of parchment paper to make it easy to remove them once they’re set. If you’re using a spoon, place a dollop of green chocolate on the paper and use your spoon to spread it upwards into a pineapple leaf shape. If you’re using a piping bag, pipe the same shape onto the paper. Let the chocolate set and carefully remove the chocolate leaves from the paper, using a small amount of melted green chocolate to glue the leaves onto the madeleine cookie. 

Cheese and Cracker Suns

To brighten up your board and add a savory touch, all you need are circular saltine crackers and your favorite type of cheese in block form. Cut your cheese into thin sticks and place three onto one cracker, having them cross each other in the middle to create your sun rays. Place another cracker on top to keep the cheese in place and complete the appearance of a shining sun.

Salami Flowers

Cheese and crackers aren’t the only avenue to add some contrast to the sweet aspects of your flamingo charcuterie board. Making roses out of salami or pepperoni is a quick and easy way to take your charcuterie game to the next level.

If you want to add a tropical twist to your flowers, try using some large basil leaves that you can attach to your salami flowers with a toothpick. Not only will this touch transport you to the tropics, but it will add another flavor note to your savory selections, too!

Kiwi and Banana Palm Trees

Provide a place for your watermelon flamingos to relax in the shade under these fruity palm trees!

Chop a baby banana in half, or if your local grocery store only has full-sized bananas, you can cut the banana in half and cut those halves lengthwise to create smaller bananas for the palm tree trunks. Peel your kiwi and cut it into segments, fanning them out above the banana trunks to create palm tree leaves. You could even add chocolate truffles below the leaves to create coconuts!

Pina Colada Dip

What luau would be complete without a pina colada? Make it charcuterie board friendly by turning the classic cocktail into a dip for your fruit! Place your dip into the cutest floral bowl you can find - thrift stores are a great place to find things like this if your grandma didn’t already give you hers - and snag one of our Stainless Steel Flamingo Spoons to serve it with.

Top your dip with toasted, shredded coconut, maraschino cherries, and dig in! You’ll be scraping the bowl for more.

Flamingo Pink Strawberry Lemonade

Complete your charcuterie extravaganza with a refreshing pitcher of strawberry lemonade! Flamingo pink, of course. You can add sparkle and color to your lemonade with the use of pink edible glitter.

Your flock will be in awe of your charcuterie theming skills!

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