Is Flamingo Poop Pink?

Is Flamingo Poop Pink
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Flamingos and pink go together like Jim and Pam and green eggs and ham, but are flamingos so pink that even their poop is pink?

The fabulous fowls are associated with pink because of the beta carotene loaded in their favorite foods, which paints their feathers the unique color. But it doesn’t do the same to the bird’s droppings - flamingos do not poop pink.

Flamingo poop is colored the same as the bird poop you’ve come to know and love from the annual summer decorations added to your car, free of charge. The carotenoids that tint flamingos outsides to a popping pink do not have the same impact on what’s created on their insides.

flamingo bird poop
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In fact, nothing else that comes from flamingos is pink. Their eggs aren’t pink, their egg yolks aren’t pink, and so on. Only their feathery exteriors host the pink color that’s helped build the bird’s fame.

do flamingos poop pink
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Why Are You Writing About Flamingo Poop?

This is a great question. When I graduated with a journalism degree years ago, I never expected to use the skills I learned there to be used to research and write about flamingo poop, let alone the color of flamingo poop. Yet here I am, informing The Popular Flamingo flock about the disappointing lack of pink in flamingo poop.

But why? Why am I doing this?

Because the most searched flamingo-related query on Google the last seven days was, “do flamingos poop pink?” Never before had I considered that this could be a question people wondered about, but when the door of opportunity is opened, I know when to run through it.


The good people* of the internet have asked, and they have received. Flamingo poop is not pink. Your day may continue.

* = Bad people can also have internet connections. I cannot guarantee the morality of all those who view this article. Sorry. Morality is relative, anyway.

Can We Expect More Poop-Related Posts Moving Forward?

I hope not.