What Is a Flock of Flamingos Known As?

what is a flock of flamingos known as
Large group of flamingos - Photo by KirillDorofeev/Shutterstock.com

Flamingos often travel in groups, and some of the most beautiful footage captured of our favorite fowl is of them gathering in one location by the hundreds and thousands. As a flamingo lover yourself, you want to use the proper term when referring to when this creature comes together in a collective. So, what is a flock of flamingos known as?

What Is a Flock of Flamingos Known As?

The term to describe a flock of flamingos is at least as good as you think it is, maybe even better. When these majestic birds join forces into one group, it’s known as a “flamboyance.”

flamboyance of flamingos
Ariel view of Lesser Flamingos in Tanzania - DanitaDelimont/Shutterstock.com

Yep, you read that right, a flamboyance. So, when you go to the zoo next and see the flamingos hanging out in their exhibit, you can appropriately call the gathering a flamboyance of flamingos. You can do the same thing when you finally take the flamingo fan pilgrimage to Flamingo Beach in Aruba, surrounded by nothing but flamingos, sand, and margaritas, and this will definitely happen.



Lots of birds have uniquely hilarious names attached to their gatherings. A group of crows is known as a murder or congress, perhaps depending upon how secretive you want to be about your evil. Ravens are known as a conspiracy when they join together, which makes me wonder what exactly they’re up to. Swans form a ballet when they’re in a group, peacocks create a party, and hawks form kettles. But can anyone beat the flamingos’ flamboyance?

flock of flamingos
Flamboyance of flamingos - Photo by Nolleks86/Shutterstock.com

I dare you to sit down for a few minutes and come up with a better term to describe a gathering of flamingos. Go ahead, do it, and come back to us with what you come up with. Maybe you can beat flamboyance, but I’m not so convinced. But if anyone can think up something even better than an already-great name for a group of the most beautiful birds, it will surely be a true flamingo fan!