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classic flamingo earrings

It’s no secret that we at The Popular Flamingo are pretty fond of the fabulous pink fowl that has inspired everything we are. We’re all about celebrating this incredible bird and its form, which is one of the main draws to this unique creature. That’s why we’re so excited about our Classic Flamingo Earrings!

Classic Flamingo Earrings

When you think about flamingos, the classic cross-legged stances is one of the first things that comes to mind, and these Classic Flamingo Earrings fully embrace that iconic stature flamingos are so well known for. Utilizing a minimalist design that outlines the traditional flamingo pose, these earrings capture the essence of the bird we love and bring its beauty right to your ears.

rose gold flamingo earrings

The flamingo silhouette featured in these earrings has its legs crossed, balancing in midair on one of its limbs, with the metal and zinc alloy that form this piece curving to create a replica of the bird’s body. The earrings do showcase the adorable flamingo beak, curling downwards to illustrate the wonderful food catcher these birds employ to collect their tasty meals. There aren’t tons of other details added, though - no feathers, no eyes, no wings - just a simple tracing of the fabulous flamingo that will make heads turn and exemplify why we are all in love with this majestic fowl.

simple flamingo earrings

With their simple structure and minimalist design, these Classic Flamingo Earrings work best with a laidback style. Their pink tint offers an excellent opportunity to complement your outfit, providing a special pop that will give you a glow. While these earrings aren’t over the top, their materials mean they will bring more than an entrancing aura around you. Light will bounce and play along the rounded and bent edges of this traditional rendition of the elegant flamingo, and the shimmer and shine will be your new dance partner with every step you take.

This product is one of our favorite ways to commemorate this unforgettable fowl, and we think it will be yours, too. We were asking for $14.99 for a set of these Classic Flamingo Earrings, but we realized that these were too special - we needed to get them into more hands faster to help spread the flamingo love. So, we’re offering a set of this incredible accessory for only $9.99, with free shipping included. We hope that by dropping the price, we can allow more flamingo fans the chance to enjoy their favorite fowl and show off their flamingo love - the true Popular Flamingo mission!

minimalist flamingo earrings

So, we’re proud to present to you these Classic Flamingo Earrings, and we know that whether you're buying for yourself or a partner and no matter your age or background, if you’re a lover of everything flamingo, then this unique piece of flamingo merch is perfect for you!