How to Flamingo-fy Your Christmas!

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It’s mid-December, and quite literally billions of people across the globe are gearing up for Christmas. From putting up the tree to hanging stockings and every other piece of groundwork in between, you are not alone in your preparation for the big day. If you’re a flamingo fan, you might try to find ways to incorporate the fabulous fowl into your Christmas celebration.

But how? Let’s be real here: we love flamingos, but they’re not the first animal you associate with Christmas. Have you ever seen a flamingo on the North Pole? No, I didn’t think so.

That’s the great thing about flamingo fans, though - they don’t care if it makes sense. Making sense is not part of the equation. Flamingos are the solution to the equation.

This brings us to the incredibly important question of the day: how can you flamingo-fy your Christmas this year?

How to Flamingo-fy Your Christmas This Year

Earrings Set the Tone

You want to set the tone early for what this Christmas is going to be about? Show up in some flamingo-fied earrings that are meant for the season and see what sort of hijinks come to follow!

Flamingos in Santa hats are a classic way to combine the beautiful pink bird and the most wonderful time of the year, but we’ve found additional collaborations between the animal and holiday. The Popular Flamingo has several unique pairs of earrings that feature adorable flamingos decked out on their Christmas wear.

flamingo christmas earrings

For fewer than $15, you can bring all the flamingo fun with you this Christmas and for many Christmases to come. Check out our wide variety of flamingo Christmas earrings here and here and flamingo-fy your holiday season!

Pop a Bottle, Flamingo Style

Some of us enjoy a little bit of wine on our Christmas. If you're one of us, then perhaps some wine accessories that feature the fabulous fowl would be the best way for you to get in the Christmas spirit!

To keep your wine safely in place, our Flamingo Wine Holder will do the trick. Stable, secure, and 100% flamingo-fied, this wine holder will introduce itself to all of your guests with a friendly offering of some delicious refreshments.

flamingo christmas wine holder

When the cork is popped, the glasses are poured, but the bottle still has some wine left to go, you need something to hold the liquid in place - nobody wants spilled wine. Our Flamingo Wine Bottle Stopper will take care of that while also bringing flamingo vibes to the party.

If you want your adult Christmas celebration to feature the fabulous flamingo, you've found the perfect accessories to an amazing night!

Light It Up!

You can flamingo-fy your Christmas lights inside and outside your home this year!

For within four walls, these LED Flamingo String Lights will do the trick. Including 20 adorable LED flamingos that illuminate your hallway and room with a pink glow, these lights are a guarantee to add some flamingo flavor to your Christmas this December.

For the outside elements, our Flamingo Neon Lawn Lights will shine bright all night long. Christmas lights are a tradition unlike any other this time of year - these neon flamingos will take your setup to the next level, injecting flamingo flair into your winter wonderland that no one in the neighborhood could miss. Guess who has the best lights show on the block now? Take that, Cheryl!

flamingo christmas neon lights

The Possibilities Are Endless

These are a handful of the most straightforward ways to get flamingos involved this Christmas, but The Popular Flamingo has tons of amazing products that celebrate the fabulous fowl that are perfect for any time of the year, Christmas included! If none of the ideas in this article piqued your interest, don’t sweat it - we probably have something that will tickle your pink and have you living your best flamingo life this Christmas!

Whatever you choose to spice up your Christmas this year, make sure you place your order soon. With Christmas just around the corner, you'll want to secure your checkout as soon as you can to give yourself a better chance for the packages to arrive before the 25th!