How to Host the Best Flamingo Party Ever!

flamingo party

Sunshine is on the menu for the next many months. You’re spending more time outside, enjoying the outdoors and all of its natural goodness. It’s no secret that nice weather brings people together and is a boon to human attitude. And that has you thinking: how could I host the best flamingo-themed party ever?

Summertime is party time, and what better way to embrace this time of year than with a flamingo-themed throwdown? Get your best flamingos friends - plus some sympathizers who are ripe for indoctrination - gather them all together, and celebrate the fabulous fowl in an unforgettable way!

In case you need some help or don’t know how to get started, we’ve got you covered. We put together our top tips for how to host a fantastic flamingo-inspired party this summer. Hopefully, they are just what you need to put on the best flamingo party possible!

Hosting a Flamingo-Themed Party: Tips & Tricks

Flamingo Decorations

Come on, this is obviously number one. If your flamingo-themed party doesn’t have flamingo decorations, then can you really call it a flamingo party?

First, decide on a time of the day. If your party will take place under the sun, decorate accordingly. If it’s a nighttime affair, then treat it as such.

If you’re getting down in the daylight, you want your guests to see flamingos at every turn. A Flamingo Wind Chime is sure to get their attention, especially on a day with a breeze. A hilarious sculpture of a laid-back flamingo enjoying some ice cream would also elicit reactions. Display tasteful greenery alongside an adorable flamingo that your guests will undoubtedly appreciate.

If your get-together is scheduled for after the sun sets, then anything that lights up is your friend. Place one or two of these Flamingo Neon Lawn Lights in your yard so your guests already know what time it is before they even walk through your door. Hang these LED Flamingo String Lights around the top of your patio, garden, balcony, or wherever else the party will be. A classic piece like this unique Flamingo Crystal Ball Ornament can create a flamingo ambiance at any point in the day, too.

There is no limit to the amount of flamingo-themed objects, artworks, and other displays you can have out for your flamingo party. The only constraints are your time, budget, and willingness to decorate. Anything before those conditions are met will just make your party that much more flamingo-fied!

Food & Drink

If you want to make it as flamingo as possible, then you should offer your guests food and drink like what the fabulous fowl dines on.

No, I am not suggesting you feed people algae and serve them water from an alkaline lake. As funny as that sounds, it is not something that The Popular Flamingo is prepared to endorse.

But you can do your best to both offer edible cuisine while adhering to flamingos and their proclivities. For example, shrimp is a favorite of flamingos, and people all across the world agree with the bird on that. Flamingos also dine on other crustaceans, so things like crab and lobster fit the bill, too.

Those foods aren't always cheap, though, and some people don't like seafood much or at all. You should have other options available for your guests, too.

As for drinks, flamingos adhere pretty closely to the water diet. So, other than H2O, what should you have?

There are so many flamingo-themed alcoholic drinks that I’m not sure where to begin with them. You can find a whole bunch of them here. Odds are, you can find something that works for your party.

For non-alcoholic drinks, consider pink lemonade. Flamingos don’t drink lemonade no matter the color, but pink lemonade is pink and sweet, just like the fabulous fowl. That has to count for something, right?

Your Flamingo-fied Outfit

To host the best flamingo-themed party ever, the host must set the tone. This is a flamingo party. You are not only welcome to go overboard, it’s encouraged.

Whatever way you go with that is up to you. Maybe you want eye-catching earrings and flamingo’d nails that every guest will make mention of. Perhaps your style is communication through text and a graphic tee fit for your personality is more your speed. It could be that you make your statements via footwear. Or, your niche is nestled somewhere in the middle.

Just do you and express yourself as the fabulous flamingo fanatic you are! But make sure you have some kind of notable flamingo flair on your person. Otherwise, the party atmosphere might not be as flamingo-fied as the best-ever flamingo party should.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

Do you want your guests to forever remember that time they attended the best flamingo party ever? Give them something to take home with them. Then, every time their eyes meet their prize, they’ll flash back to their wonderful time at your party.

Flamingo party favors should be simple, useful, and inexpensive. You want your guests to feel appreciated and respected, but unless this is a formal event (which we would recommend against), then your guests don’t want you to drop major money on them. Small and handy does the trick perfectly.

Our Stainless Steel Flamingo Spoon is an excellent example. At $7.99, the price point is low enough per attendee for them to not feel strange accepting the gift, plus it’s low enough for you to affordably give your guests something nice. And with our discounted pricing for bulk purchases, that $7.99 number will drop for every spoon you purchase.

On top of that, they have great utility. Your party-goers can use their new flamingo spoons to stir their coffee every morning and otherwise break it out for special flamingo-fied occasions. Each use will remind them why they have it, and it will always come back to your awesome flamingo party!

Spoons might not be the best choice for your group, and that’s okay; you can have a great flamingo party without flamingo spoons (although, they couldn’t hurt!). Surely, something else is. Whatever you decide on, don’t go too over-the-top. Keep it practical and low-cost, and it will work out better for your party in the long run.

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